Crystals for Grief and Loss: a Meditation

Healing crystals for Grief

When you love then you lose and your time together ends, your heart breaks. Your loss is a reminder and validation of the love you felt, the relationship you had and the precious time that you shared with your loved one. They say that a broken heart is an open heart and that an open heart can be healed. But how can this be comfortably achieved?Today we look at crystals for grief and how to use them to support your healing journey.

After loss we experience grief and it is essential that we honour this process. Your loved one may have passed away but your life continues. Your pain and sorrow is evidence of your love and this cannot, and should not, be taken away from you. We need to process grief so that we can find comfort in our pain, reach acceptance and discover a deeper meaning in the relationship we had.

Crystals for Grief – Apache Tear and Rose Quartz

Apache Tear and Rose Quartz are beautiful crystals to use to help you move through the process of grief. They help you to honour it and the feelings that you experience along the way. Below is a meditation using these 2 crystals that you can carry out as frequently as you wish. You may benefit from doing this meditation on a daily basis.

The meditation itself should last for at least ten minutes. After this time has elapsed you can continue until you feel the time is right to stop.

Crystals for Grief Meditation: the steps

  1. Start by choosing an affirmation to focus upon throughout the meditation. For example, you may wish to use “Grief mixed with love always works. Grief mixed with love always heals” (courtesy of Louise Hay).
  2. Holding a piece of Apache Tear and a piece of Rose Quartz, one in each hand, sit quietly and comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to light some candles and play some relaxing music.
  3. Visualise and feel your heart and any hurt, sadness, sorrow, guilt, blame, or any other emotion you wish to comfort. You may ‘see’ these emotions as heavy material, blackness or smokiness, a particular shape or something completely different. You may not ‘see’ anything but rather smell or sense something. Everyone is different and will experience a different thing to represent the emotions that they which to comfort.
  4. As you hold the crystals, imagine their energy rising up your arms and down into your heart. As the crystals’ energy enters your heart feel it envelop your emotions and comfort them.The emotions may change colour, lose their ‘smell’ or you may just sense that they are leaving your heart.
  5. Continue this visualisation until you feel that your emotions have been comforted and soothed as much as is possible. Please be aware that you are likely to have to repeat this exercise a number of times. When you feel you have reached this point picture your heart filling up with beautiful pink and green energy. This will cleanse your heart and fill it with love and healing energy.
  6. After you have finished your visualisation please take time to gently bring your awareness back into the room. Be careful to slowly stand up and ensure that you are grounded (i.e. your head is not feeling ‘floaty’). If you do feel a little spacey you can visualise tree roots growing down your legs right down into the centre of the earth securing you. An alternative way to ground yourself is to hold a piece of hematite for a couple of minutes.

Self-Care Advice

It is important to realise that emotional issues can arise when you use a technique such as this one. Self care and lots of it is the answer to deal with any emotional issues that arise as a result of doing this meditation. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat well, take rest when you need to, continue using rose quartz and always seek medical advice when and where appropriate.

Please Note:

Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for appropriate medical care.


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