A Crystal Meditation to move into the 5th Dimension


This is an intense time for all of us regardless of whether we identify with being a lightworker or not. The energetic shifts to move us into the 5th Dimension incredible. Many of us are experiencing mental, emotional and physical symptoms as a result of the intense energy that we are blessed to have entering Earth. Personally I’ve experienced vertigo and nausea for the past week. I know from comments on social media that I am not alone with people reporting vision disturbances, headaches and brain fog to name just a few.

Why is this happening?

So why is this happening? We are purging the old ways that no longer serve us to make room for a new beginning in 2017. Over the coming months we will need to dig deep, pull together and hold the highest vision of humanity. We must love ourselves and others unconditionally. We are all one despite outward appearances and the behaviour of some that we may not be able to comprehend.

What can we do practically to help ourselves and others through the shift that is happening? Today we’ll look at crystal healing to help us transition as seamlessly as possible through these unprecedented times.

A meditation to help you move into the 5th Dimension using Selenite, Celestite and Hematite

This meditation should be done on a daily basis whilst your symptoms are at their most intense. Once you feel relief reduce this to 3 times per week or a frequency which intuitively feels right. You will also benefit from carrying a piece of Hematite with you over the coming weeks for extra grounding.

  1. Start by choosing an affirmation to focus upon throughout this meditation. For example you may wish to use:

“I safely and peacefully allow my vibration to rise for my highest good”.

  1. Hold a piece of Celestite in your left hand, a piece of Selenite in your right hand and a piece of Hematite as close to your base chakra as you can Sit or lay quietly and comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to light some candles or play some peaceful and uplifting music.
  1. Visualise and feel your 7 main chakras spinning in perfect harmony and hold that vision. When this vision is anchored, tune into the physical, emotional and/or mental symptoms that you are experiencing. You may ‘see’ these symptoms as heavy materials, blackness, smokiness, a particular shape or something completely different and unique to you. They could be located in any part of your body. You may not ‘see’ anything at all but rather smell or sense something. Everyone is different and will experience a different thing to represent the symptoms and emotions they wish to clear.
  1. As you hold the crystals imagine their energy rising up your arms and into your heart. Then imagine them flowing into your remaining chakras and energy field. Feel the energy envelop your unwanted emotions and symptoms and clean and soothe them. You may see your symptoms change colour, lose their smell, change texture or density, or you may just sense that they are leaving.
  1. After the unwanted symptoms have left your chakras and body, picture your chakras and energy field filling up with the beautiful energy of the Selenite and Celestite. Let this energy cleanse your body and chakras with good health and love. You can do this for as long as feels appropriate for you. Please be aware that the symptoms may require this meditation to be repeated to fully clear.
  1. After step 5 is complete please hold your piece of Hematite in one hand and continuing to repeat the affirmation from step 1. You should hold the Hematite for 5 mins to ensure that you are grounded as this is a very powerful meditation.
  1. After you have finished your meditation please take time to gently bring your awareness back into the room. Be careful as you stand just in case you do not feel grounded (i.e. you feel a little bit floaty or light headed). Visualise tree roots growing down your legs into the ground. Picture them going right the way down to the centre of Earth securing you. Remain still until you feel grounded and secure.

After Care Advice

The results that you get using this meditation will vary depending on your personal circumstances. It is important to realise that emotional issues can arise when you use a technique such as this one. Self care and lots of it is the answer to deal with any emotional issues that arise. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, eat well, take rest when you need to. To soothe yourself use rose quartz and always seek medical advice when and where appropriate.

Please Note:

Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for appropriate medical care.


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