Crystal Healing: how to use crystals

How to choose crystals

If you are new to crystals you may be wondering about the different ways to use them. This guide explains some of the most simple but beneficial ways to start.

Carrying crystals

The easiest way to use a crystal is to carry it on yourself, for example in your pocket. This   allows the energy of the crystal to be with you at all time.

Wearing crystals as jewellery

citrine ring

Citrine Ring

This is another way of carrying crystal close to you. Not only does it allow the crystal’s energy to be with you at all times, but crystals make attractive rings, bracelets and pendants.

Placing crystals under your pillow

This method can be used alone or in conjunction with any of the other methods discussed in this factsheet. By placing a crystal under your pillow you will allow the crystal’s energy to soak into your aura and body overnight when you are relaxed. This technique is really good if you have a sleep associated problem.

Using crystals whilst meditating or relaxing

shutterstock_276464039If you like meditating, crystals are a great accompaniment and indeed some crystals such as Purple Fluorite enhance meditation. Crystals can also be used whilst you relax. You can either lie down somewhere for twenty minutes and relax and ‘listen’ to what the crystal has to tell you, or you can do something as simple as hold a crystal whilst you relax watching your favourite TV programme. Hold the crystals for a minimum of twenty minutes. Another effortless way to use crystals is to hold one whilst you fall to sleep.

Using crystals on specific parts of your body

If you have read my guide to ‘How to Use Crystals’ you will know that specific coloured crystals can be used on the chakras within our body. In order to benefit from this method I would recommend placing an appropriate crystal on each of the chakras for 30 minutes, twice a week. If this is not possible then simply do it for as long as possible and as often as you are able to.

Below is a basic guide to which colour crystals can be used on each of the seven main chakras. Please note that these colours relate to the 3rd dimension chakras. For information on the Higher Chakras please visit my Ascension page.

Crown Chakra                      white or clear crystals

3rd Eye                                 purple or indigo crystals

Throat Chakra                     blue crystals

Heart Chakra                       pink or green crystals

Solar Plexus                        yellow crystals

Sacral Chakra                      orange crystals

Base Chakra                        red, brown or black crystals



Rose Quartz

Crystals can be used to enhance any visualisations that you use. Visualisations are popular with those who are working with the Law of Attraction for example, and they can be enhanced by holding a crystal such as Topaz.

Another example of a visualisation accompanied by a crystal is holding a heart related crystal such as Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite whilst visualising emotional stress and hurt leaving your heart and being replaced by beautiful pink healing light.


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