How to Choose Healing Crystals

How to choose crystals

Please be aware that the information below relates to the 3rd dimension chakras. For information on the higher chakras please refer to my Ascension page.

There is no wrong way to choose healing crystals but if you are looking for information on what the different methods of choosing are, this article will help you find the perfect crystal for you.

Choosing healing crystals is a very personal thing and something that should not be rushed. Many people like to hold crystals to help them decide which crystal is for them. Many rely upon intuition to choose the right one. Some people choose the crystal they are most attracted to, whilst others like to explore the properties of a variety of crystals before deciding. There is no wrong way to choose a crystal but if you are looking for information on what the different methods of choosing are, please see the advice below which will help you find the perfect crystal for you.

Chakra Related

7chakrasThere are seven main chakras on the body and each chakra relates to a specific system within the body. When the chakras are functioning properly the body’s physical and subtle energies are in balance and harmony. If the chakra is not functioning properly then physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual disorders can present themselves. By choosing crystals which are known to harmonise a specific chakra, harmony and balance can be restored. For example, the crown chakra is white and purple. Therefore the use of amethyst or clear quartz can harmonise this chakra.

Colour Related

Snowflake ObsidianColours have a very powerful affect on our emotions and thoughts. Different colours can cause us to react in specific ways as the colour rays interact with our energy fields. The list below provides information on some of the main properties of different coloured crystals:

Purple – dignity, pride, spirituality, wisdom

Indigo – wisdom, forgiveness, clarity

Blue – peace, compassion, patience, calming

Pink – self-love, unconditional love

Green – harmony, balance, calming, restful, growth

Yellow – Intelligence, clear headedness, inspiration

Orange – joy, creativity, communication

Red – energy, power, vitality, strength, determination.

A Specific Property

AmethystIt is very common for people to choose their crystals based upon a concern that they have about their health that they wish to resolve. For example, a person may choose  Amethyst for a headache or Apache Tear for grief. There are many books written which provide this information and make choosing crystals very easy even if you have never done so before.



A crystal’s electromagnetic energy will interact with issue that a person has and will attract them to it. As this does not rely on human logic to predetermine the underlying cause of a health concern, it is one of the most reliable ways of choosing a crystal – let the crystal choose you. Beware though, sometimes strongly disliking a crystal can indicate that you need that particular crystal to resolve an issue you have that you do not want to admit to yourself.


citrineIf your intuition is working well (and developing intuition is something crystals are great at) you will just ‘know’ which crystal to choose. You may be ‘shown’ a crystal or be ‘told’ which crystal to use.



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