Cleansing and Energising Crystals

cleansing and energising crystals

Crystals can take on energy from a person who uses them. If the person is using the crystal to address a health concern, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or physical, the crystal may absorb any negative energy that it releases from the person’s energy field. Over time this absorption of negative or lower energy will lead the crystal to stop working and any negative energy the crystal holds can be passed to someone who comes into contact with it.


It is for these reasons that it is essential to cleanse crystals thoroughly when you receive one and at regular intervals thereafter. If you use crystals in a healing layout on yourself or others I would recommend that you cleanse the crystals immediately after the treatment.

There are a number of ways in which you can cleanse crystals and although not listing all available methods, below are some of the easiest ones.


WaterWater is the best way to cleanse non-porous crystals. You can either place your crystals under running water for a couple of minutes or I would recommend placing your crystals into a glass bowl of clean water. You can add 3 – 4 drops of Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple to the water for an extra cleanse. Let the crystals bathe in the water overnight. Empty the water and allow the crystals to drain naturally the following morning.



Crystals love the sun and can be placed in sunlight to both cleanse and energise them. For this method to be most beneficial the crystals should be left out in the sun all day. Please also be aware that if you are putting coloured crystals out in the sun you will need to cover them with a white cotton cloth to stop their colour from fading.


Crystals also love the moonlight and can be easily cleansed and energised by placing them outside in the moonlight overnight.


Crystals can be cleansed by wafting them through aromatherapy oil vapours, incense stick vapours or smudge stick vapours. This is the easiest way to cleanse porous crystals. if using this method please take care not to burn yourself.

Cluster / Crystal Bed

Amethyst BedPlacing a crystal on a cluster or crystal bed, particularly an Amethyst bed will cleanse and energise it. Crystals should be placed on the cluster/bed for a couple of hours where possible.


Placing crystals inside a pyramid will cleanse and energise them quickly and easily.


reikiPeople who are attuned to second degree reiki or Master level can use the Power Symbol to cleanse and energise their crystals. After drawing the Power Symbol over the crystal(s) simply let the Reiki flow and state your intention to cleanse the crystal(s) of any negative or lower energy.


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