Creating Crystal Grids for Kids

We all experience ups and downs in life and our children are no different. Whilst often these ups and downs do not require any form of intervention, every now and again we all need a little bit of help and support. One of the simplest and yet most powerful methods that I use is creating crystal grids for kids, particularly in their beds.

As a parent it can be difficult to see your child upset, angry or anxious about experiences they are having. After experiencing my daughter struggle with my separation and divorce from her father, I turned to what I know best to treat emotional problems.

A crystal grid consists of a number of crystals laid out in a particular pattern to serve a specific intention. When crystals are laid out in a specific order and are placed with a specific intention, they form a coherent energy pattern that overrides the competing energy patterns in the vicinity or within the person using the grid. It is this that allow crystals grids for children to soothe and support them through difficult times.

Creating a crystal grid is simple and to create the one below you will need the following:

  • 4 pieces of tumbled Amethyst
  • 1 piece of tumbled Blue Lace Agate
  • 1 Rose Quartz or Selenite wand to activate the grid (if you do not have a wand you can use tumbled or rough form of either crystal)


The grid will be set up either on top of your child’s mattress or underneath their bed.


The purpose of creating a crystal grid around your child’s bed is to create an energetic vibration which will comfort, support and soothe them whilst they are resting. You can achieve this by following the steps below:

1.Set your intention

Decide what you want to achieve, being as specific as possible and phrasing it in a positive way. If you are struggling with specifics, a general intention that I use if I am unaware of what the exact nature of the concern is:

“May these crystals soothe, comfort and support my daughter in all ways and especially in ways which are for her highest good”

Say this intention in your head or out loud before you lay out your crystal grid.

2. Choose and set up your grid formation

There are many different formations that you can chose from but I tend to favour a square formation (or rectangle in this case). A square formation consists of one crystal in each corner and a crystal in the centre of the square.

The crystals that I recommend using for your 4 corners are Amethyst (for its beautiful peaceful energy that encourages sleep, relaxation and protection) and the crystal in the centre should be Blue Lace Agate (for its cooling and calming energy and its ability to bring peace of mind).

The diagram below shows where these crystals should be placed.




Number your crystals (in your mind) 1 through 5 as per the diagram. Make the upper-left crystal number 1. Number 2 is the lower-left corner; 3 is the lower-right corner and 4 is the upper-right corner. Number 5 is the centre.

You may place the crystals on top of the mattress under a secure fitted sheet or you can place them in the corners and centre underneath the bed. The decision you make will largely depend upon the age of your child. I favour using this technique with children who are 5 years and over and you must always ensure that your child cannot get the crystals if they are likely to place them in their mouth. Similarly, the size of the crystal used will depend upon whether you are placing them on top of the mattress or whether they are on the floor. Do not worry if the crystal in the centre of the grid moves. In my experience as long as you have set the intention before you place the crystals the grid is still effective.


3. Activate the Grid

For extra guidance on these following steps please take a look at my video demonstration below – **Coming Soon**

  • Hold a Rose Quartz or Selenite wand (or crystal) in your right hand and point it at the crystal in the centre. Imagine that you see a beam of light move from the central crystal (number 5) to crystal number 1 to form a rod of solid light connecting these two crystals.
  • Then send another rod of light from crystal number 1 to crystal number 2, again forming a solid rod of light between these two crystals. Now complete a triangle by sending a rod of solid light from crystal number 2 to crystal number 5 in the centre.
  • Next send the light back to crystal number 2 and send a solid rod of light from it to crystal number 3 and then from 3 to the centre, forming another triangle.
  •  Repeat this sequence between crystals 3, 4 and 5, and then 4, 1 and 5.
  •  Point your activating crystal (i.e. your wand) at the centre crystal and give thanks to the  crystals and the universal source of energy.


**Video Coming Soon**

I would recommend that you keep the grid in place for a week or even two weeks before you cleanse and re-energise the crystals. You can use this crystal grid for children as frequently as you wish.

Please Note:

Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. Always seek medical advice when and where appropriate.


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