Why has my crystal changed appearance?

My crystal has changed appearance ~ Do you own a crystal that appears to have changed the way that it looks? A crystal that you are very familiar with, know in detail the way it looks and feels, and then one day it starts to look different.

When I first started on my crystal healing journey I was introduced to a beautiful Visualisation with Rose Quartz. The benefits that this exercise gave me meant that I practiced it regularly over a number of weeks and months. I used the same 2 crystals for the exercise and I religiously cleansed them after every self-healing treatment. However, despite this after a number of weeks I noticed that they were starting to change. Their colour became deeper and more vibrant and one of them started to develop patterns.

You may have experienced something similar to this and be wondering what is going on. In today’s blog we are going to shed some light on this very issue.

Knowing your crystal

The first point to raise when looking at this strange happening is how well you know the crystal that you think has changed. Crystals naturally have a lot going on inside of them because of the process by which they were created. Often what is inside of them is not visible until they are held up in natural sunlight.

Holding a crystal up to natural sunlight can be an awesome experience and, depending upon the type of crystals, you may see inclusions, colours, rainbows and patterns that you have never noticed before. If you familiarise yourself with your crystal when you first purchase it and work with it regularly it will be easy to know if its appearance does start to change.

Okay but I’m already familiar with my crystal and it’s definitely changed…

What causes crystals to change?

The environment in which it is kept

Amethyst Geode

Crystals are affected by the environment in which they are kept. The amount of light they are exposed to, the temperature of where they are stored and the humidity can all affect them to one degree or another. The best example to give, as many of us have unfortunately experienced this for ourselves, is the effect that sunlight can have. If you place a coloured crystal in sunlight for prolonged period you will find that its colour fades over time. Be particularly careful with your beautiful Amethyst.

Their condition and the care you offer it  

Crystal EnergyHave you been working your crystals really hard and not cleansing them? Whilst I don’t believe you have to cleanse your crystals every day, if you are using them for crystal healing techniques either on yourself or another please make sure you cleanse them after you have finish. This will help them retain their vibrant colour and feel.

A neglected crystal will start to look and feel dull and will have lost its vibrancy.

The exchange of energy between you and the crystal

How to choose crystals

When you work with a crystal, particularly on a regular basis there is an exchange of energy that happens between you and the crystal. This intertwining and melding of your energies can leave its mark on your crystal. This may result in a visual change, a change to the way it energetically feels or a change to the way it physically feels.


The American Crystal Teacher Hibiscus Moon, with her love of science and crystals, describes it as follows:

[the energy from the exchange] was able to actually transcend from the energy realm, and become denser and denser, because that energy exchange was so flippin’ intense, and transformed into the matter that makes up the molecules of the crystal; it actually changed and transformed it in some way that you can visibly see, or touch, or feel. 

So there we have it. 3 possible reasons why your crystal may have changed appearance. Have you experienced this? Please let me know in the comments below.

Please Remember:

Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. Always seek medical advice when and where appropriate.


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