Today we are going to look at crystals for Libra. Many of us are fascinated by our birthstones. Traditionally they are used to encourage luck, good fortune, protection and abundance. It’s easy to see why we would have an affinity to these particular crystals.

You probably already know your birthstone but you’re probably also aware that there can be disagreement on which crystal is associated with which Zodiac sign. This is because rather than there just being one crystal or gemstone there are often several.

Crystals for Libra

I’ve put together this guide (with reference to the work of Judy Hall) to help you choose which crystals can specifically help you based on your Sun Sign. Today we are going to look at crystals for Libra.

We’ll look at your specific birthstones and which crystals can help you reach your potential, which crystals can help you with life challenges and which crystals can help you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Your Birthstones

As a Libra you have 2 main birthstones:

  • Sapphire – this harmonious crystal brings your dreams to life and fills you with joy and happiness. It helps you to live the peaceful life that you desire; you do not like conflict and this stone offers you protection and reassurance. It also moves you into the state of perfect health on all levels.
  • Opal – this crystal encourages faithfulness and helps you to achieve the perfection that you desire. You prefer a laid back life without excessive inner work and Opal is useful in helping you ease through any self-reflection you may need to make. You like to look good and Opal can be useful in this respect especially if you are experiencing low self-esteem.

How to Develop your Potential

Libra is the sign of the ultimate diplomat. You have flair and the natural ability to create harmony wherever you go. Finding compromise is your Super Power. Celestite is a great crystal to enhance this natural ability.

Lapis Lazuli is a fantastic crystal for you to use if you need confidence in expressing your opinion to others.

If you do find yourself in a situation filled with conflict, Sugilite will allow you to move through it peacefully and with dignity. Chiastolite is also a great crystal which will turn conflict into harmony.

Using Crystals to Assist with your Life Challenges

Many Librans have to consciously work at not being a ‘people pleaser’. With not liking confrontation and wanting everyone to like you, you can sometimes knock yourself out of alignment. Tiger’s Eye is an excellent crystal to help you see what your needs are and what it is that you want in any given situation.

If you are concerned that you will become too centred and focused upon your own needs, Mangano Calcite will help you to get the best outcome for everyone.

Aquamarine can improve your tolerance of other people and Pink Calcite can help you offer love instead of judgement towards other people.

Mangano Calcite can also help you see that everything is perfect as it is.

If you experience bouts of indecision as a result of you needing to weigh up both sides of a situation before daring to make a decision, Ametrine can help you to make informed decisions without fear or regret.

Using Crystals for Physical Healing

Librans are prone to concerns with their kidneys and the lumber region. Great crystals to help with this are Jade for the kidneys and Fire Opal for problems with the lumber region.


Using Crystals for Emotional Healing

Librans are very interested in love, desire and seduction. Kunzite can help you with this and awaken your heart and soul to unconditional love.


Using Crystals for Mental Healing

Librans are an Air Sign and are prone to getting caught up in indecision and being fixated on finding the perfect solution. Bloodstone is useful to use to help you work through any confusion you may be experiencing.


Using Crystals for Spiritual Growth

It is often suggested that Librans are here to learn all about relationships both with others and with themselves. The use of a Soulmate/Twin Flame Crystal will help you to attract that special person into your life.


What I’d like you to do next…

If you are familiar with my blog posts you’ll know that I always include this section at the end as I like to give you some actionable point to work with. So Librans, do you recognise yourself and any of your traits in this post? If so, I’d recommend grabbing the crystal that has been highlighted as being able to help you and sitting quietly with it for at least 5 minutes. Listen to what it has to say to you. Does it have any messages you need to hear?


Please Remember:

Crystal healing is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. Always seek medical advice when and where appropriate.


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