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Hello and Welcome to Starlight Crystals Academy

I'm Sarah Elizabeth Todd and I run Starlight Crystals Academy.

If I was to describe you I'd say you're a spiritual being who appreciates the value of complementary therapies to improve our health and well-being. You possibly communicate with Spirit or the Angelic Realms and you absolutely adore your crystals. 

You want to know more and you want to learn more. And you want to be able develop a deeper connection to your crystals and gain a better understanding of the gifts they have to offer you. 

But maybe 

  • You have no idea of where to start, and find other websites on crystals and crystal healing overwhelming; there's too much information in an unordered manner. 
  • You have family or other commitments that means you find it difficult to sign up for courses that take place at specific dates/times in your local area. 
  • You want to learn through a series of video tutorials and podcasts, and not just through written content. 
  • You would love to learn from a site which is home grown in the UK. 


No matter where you are on your crystal healing journey you want to know that there is more to learn and you can easily access this information. 

You want to know that you can conveniently learn how to use crystals for self care and to improve your health and well-being. 

You’re interested in learning more advanced crystal healing techniques, building upon a solid foundation of Crystal Healing knowledge. 

You’re really interested in helping our children navigate their way through life’s ups and downs using crystals and crystal healing techniques. 

Sound like you? Perfect. You’re at the right place. 


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